“Parker’s diminutively-scaled works reflect her passion
for the great masters of the collage medium –
Schwitters, Ernst, Höch and Cornell – however, the
particularity of her own vision emerges from its sources
in beguiling feminine perspectives, dream  language,
keen compositional orderliness, and a rich new palette.”

Stuart Denenberg, USART Expo, SF, CA

Collage is a rush for me – from start to finish – an adventure, a happening. CHANCE is my muse.  Chance has been a pervasive
force in the sequence of my life as an artist, beginning with my unexpectedly intriguing involvement with Ray Johnson's New York
Correspondence School in the late 60's through which I was introduced to the addictive magic of collage and collaboration.

What excites me about this medium are the ideas that flow from chance: the serendipitous discovery of "found" materials, the
random (unconscious) selection process, the fortuitous mistakes, the bringing together of disparate pieces to begin the formation
of order out of chaos.  At a certain point when this "thing" starts to take shape, my brain kicks in to resolve what's happening. I
call this process "orchestrated chance."

Through collage, I address the puzzle of life.  My work reflects my playfully irreverent response to – or perhaps refuge from – the
"furious folly" of these times. This can be seen in unexpected and nonsensical imagery, fifties iconography (my comfort years),
deconstruction and humanization of machines, and in anthropomorphic hybrids. My work is my way of softening the world around
me and making my peace with it.

sp 7/16


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